Cruise Travel Insurance

Standard travel insurance policies don’t tend to include Cruise cover. Travel Addict offers specialist Cruise Travel Insurance as an optional upgrade or add-on to our General Travel Insurance product. To give you that peace of mind when crossing the big blue.

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cruise travel insurance
cruise travel insurance
Cruise Travel Insurance


Our Cruise Travel Insurance can be added as an optional upgrade during your quotation process. So you can get all the great benefits of our General Travel Insurance alongside the additional Cruise cover. Our Cruise cover is actually included as standard when you purchase one of our General Travel Insurance annual multi-trip policies.

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  • Missed Port Departure: up to £500

  • Cabin Confinement: up to £500 (£50 per 24 hours)

  • Skipped Port Benefit: up to £750 (£50 per port).

  • If you cannot use your pre-paid shore excursion: up to £500


  • If you are unable to go on your trip*
  • If your scheduled airline stops trading*
  • Emergency medical attention*
  • If your possessions are lost, stolen or damaged*
  • Personal liability*
  • Delayed departure*
  • Missed departure*
  • Legal advice*
  • If you need to come home early*
  • And many others…

*Depending on the level of cover purchased.

If you require more information, all our details are listed in our wordings, which are shown on our policy wordings. Or you can call on 02392 419 883.


There are significant differences between traditional travel insurance and having specialist Cruise Travel Insurance. You will not be covered for your Cruise unless you purchase the upgrade or have an annual multi-trip policy, where Cruise cover is included. If you are unsure whether you are/will be covered please check your policy wordings or contact us directly.

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  • Our medical emergency assistance is available at all times of the year. No matter the month or time of day.

  • We regularly compare ourselves to our competitors. We do this to ensure you get the best offers possible and this allows us to remain competitive.

  • Travel Addict has a genuine care and drive for our customers. We put our customers first.

  • Making a claim is a simple, easy and achievable process. This is explained on our claims page.

  • Gadget cover is included completely free of charge! So you can cover those much-loved accessories and not worry should anything bad happen.

  • Don’t forget our Cruise Travel Insurance is included as standard with our General Travel Insurance annual multi-trip policies, at no extra cost to you.



The first thing that you should really be aware of is that travel insurance covers you before you’ve actually travelled. This means that you should buy it in advance of your actual departure date. Our cancellation cover will help you where you have a valid reason to cancel, or the cruise itself is stopped by the provider.

Another important consideration is that you will be miles from home and often far from the nearest land-based medical facilities. Modern cruises often now have medical personnel on board, such as a doctor or a nurse. Our medical cover will help provide assistance should any emergency treatment be required. Cruises tend to be longer than your average holiday and consequently you will take more luggage with you. The last thing you need to be worrying about is how you are going to afford to replace your belongings should anything unfortunate happen to them.

You will also be covered if you miss your port departure time due to mechanical failure or accident of the vehicle you are travelling in and delay of public transport that is out of your control. This can be extremely frustrating and precisely why missed port departure is included in our Cruise Travel Insurance. 

Unfortunately, in some cases, it is not possible for some ports to be accessed. If a scheduled port visit is cancelled during your cruise for reasons such as adverse weather conditions or timetable restrictions, and no alternative port can be offered then our Cruise Itenary Change cover will be accessible to you. 

Please visit our policy wordings page or our General Travel Insurance page for more details. If you would like to purchase our Cruise Travel Insurance please click get a quote or call 02392 419 883

Alternatively, please see our General Travel Insurance frequently answered questions.