Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post after hearing the tragic news of yet another shooting occurring in America, resulting in multiple casualties and leaving many more injured.

The shooting in Las Vegas took place at Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, with the Gunman supposedly opening fire from a window high up in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, overlooking the festival. The music festival even had celebrities such as Dan Bilzerian in attendance, who of course ended up fleeing the scene fearing for his life but then in very Bilzerian fashion returned back with what I am sure is one of a very large cache of weapons, helping assist and rescue people from the carnage.

All areas in the immediate vicinity have now been locked down by the Police and Security forces. We can only hope that those responsible are found and those that need medical help receive it in time. If you are in the neighbouring areas of Los Angeles, the Police Departement (LAPD) has advised to steer clear and let them handle it.

Here is some overhead footage of the crowd dissipating after shots were fired:

The gun laws in America continue to bring controversy to the forefront and it would appear that the current preventative measures are not doing enough to stop such terrible acts of cruelty on unarmed, innocent civilians. If you have loved ones, friends or family currently in Las Vegas at this time please do contact them just to be sure and I am sure support lines will be set up very soon. Our thoughts are prayers are with everyone in Las Vegas right now.

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